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Option #2: WRD Curated Digital Portfolio

If you choose this option for composing and designing your portfolio, you can design sections and pages based on what you want to emphasize and showcase. And rather than accompany your work with a comprehensive essay, you can curate your work, as museums do when showcasing and contextualizing art.

For example, you might present a series of assignments, early and final drafts, sample peer reviews, and other projects in a way that explains them to readers:


  • Introduction: a brief overview that includes the context and the goals of the assignment 
  • Significance: describe how the experience is relevant to the ‘big picture’ ‐ larger ideas, systems, institutions and/or events
  • Skills gained: describe the type of work and what was learned at the time of the experience
  • Lessons Learned: describe how the learning gained in the experience connects to other areas of your academic, professional, creative, or community life


Adapted from Melissa Peet: Integrative Knowledge Portfolio Process

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.