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wrd395: writing center theory & pedagogy 


This course is designed to familiarize you with current theories and practices of modern writing centers as well as to give you professional development in working with writers one-on-one. During the quarter, we will attempt to come to terms with what it means to tutor writing and what roles writing centers play in this function. In particular, we will ask


  • How can writing centers and the mission of writing best serve writers and teachers in university and college contexts?
  • How can we help writers find and express their voices authentically while guiding them through the expectations and conventions of university discourses? 
  • How is being a peer writing tutor different from being a teacher?

This course asks that you consider these questions for yourselves and to develop and explore your own questions. 


While our immediate concerns will be necessarily practical, we will consistently strive to theorize those practical activities and to recognize and account for institutional realities that both inhibit and make possible the work that writing centers do. You can expect to learn a great deal about writing and the teaching of writing through this course by fulfilling your practicum requirement, by reading and discussing the assigned texts, and by completing your own scholarly research project.


Practicum Requirement: Work 5 hours/week in the UCWbL's Writing Center.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.