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Entry #1: A Print & Digital Reading Literacy Practices process entry, of you reading one NYT article across multiple platforms (750 words +/-).


Print headline: California Image vs. Dry Reality 
Online headline: California Drought Tests History of Endless Growth


Your goal is to document as extensively as you can your reading process of a NYT article on at least three different platforms -- print, PDF, NYTimes.com and/or a mobile device.


The best and most interesting reading descriptions don't judge, evaluate, or prefer, but describe your reading experience and reading issues.


Experience: aesthetic, efferent, or foraging?

Issues: distractions, mind wandering, unfamiliar information, annotating


Integrate visuals and hyperlinks. Here's my example.


Six Excellent Tips for Your Print & Digital Reading Practices Project


  1. The trick to this kind of project is to try and catch yourself in the act of reading: do you read quickly? Slowly? Does your mind wander? Do you get bored? What is competing for your attention and how do you handle that? (Side note: I’m always interested in the claims that people make about distractions on digital devices — incoming texts, phone calls, checking FB — but can’t you get distracted when reading in print, too?)
  2. Treat it like an inquiry projecthave observations, not answers — what do you notice about your own reading practice and about the technologies you’re using?
  3. In my example, the images are enormous because I knew I’d be showing it on an overhead projector. Yours don’t need to be huge like that. Feel free to aspire toward some subtlety.
  4. Notice typography — the visual elements — no matter the platform you’re reading on: what’s the role/effect of white space? Bolded elements? Color? Links? Images? http://condor.depaul.edu/dwrd/moore/wrd104/nyt_pageone_guide.pdf
  5. Be curious. Allow yourself some curiosity about both your own reading practices and about the issues discussed in the New York Times article we’re using for this project. 
  6. If you’re more comfortable working in MS Word — for formatting, for working with images — go right ahead and I’ll show you later how to get that file professionally embedded in Digication: https://depaul.digication.com/gethelp/embed_PDF

 Reading as a literacy practice as we've discussed it in class:


Entry #2: A seven-day reading journal of the NYT

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.