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Friday: Where Every Day is Memorial Day

On Friday, the New York Times ran this photo and caption on A1, just below the fold — the was no story or article or further references:



I noticed the austerity of the presentation: they let the photo and its caption speak for itself. I thought that it was kind of beautiful and evocative. It made me wonder what else people were saying about the "memorial" part of Memorial Day:



As a veteran myself (USMC, 1977-81), these kinds of articles and memorials resonate with me as a reader, and it also makes me wonder sometimes about the nature of the holiday.  It has become largely a BBQ weekend, I think, or an excuse to take a break and to welcome summer.




On Saturday, I went downtown -- first to a wreath-laying ceremony in Daley Plaza and then the Memorial Day Parade on State Street -- 


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