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Today I checked in on the NYT Road Trip -- that's not what it's called, but that's how I think of it; it's actually called "The Way North" and today is Day 6: Bouncing Back from the Slurs:


Sebastien is 12. The boy who sang the national anthem during last year’s N.B.A. finals in a mariachi outfit, then calmly weathered the storm of ethnic slurs and complaints that followed, he has become something of a Latino celebrity — with all the praise and pressure that entails. Over the past year, he has done dozens of interviews, opened concerts for huge stars and won awards from Latino advocacy organizations nationwide.


He has concluded that those who wrote on Twitter that he should go home to Mexico, calling him “wetback” and “beaner,” were a minority. “Sometimes, you know, people don’t know what they’re saying,” he said. “Maybe because they’re intoxicated, like after basketball games.”


His story, though, seems to highlight something beyond that.


Sebastien was born here.


What I'm trying to follow in this ongoing road-trip report and series is the dual focus: it seems to be both about immigrants coming and people like Sebastien, who is not an immigrant, since he was born here. His is an amazing story. To experience all of that by the age of 12!


And the multimedia -- maps, songs, video -- on the page is notable too, for its integration and how the reading experience is shaped. And the photography has been amazing -- from two days ago, Life's Celebrations:


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.