I understand that I am responsible for reviewing and complying with the Digication Terms and Conditions; including my obligations with respect to my conduct when using the Digication site, and the content in my e-Portfolio. By using Digication, I agree to accurately represent my role or position at DePaul in my e-Portfolio (e.g., student, faculty, staff, former student, alumnus, etc.). Failure to follow these Terms and Conditions could result in consequences for me in accordance with DePaul University policies.

I understand that when working in Digication, I need to make choices in the "Permissions Settings" for each e-Portfolio. Otherwise, by default, anyone accessing DePaul's Digication site will be able to view materials that I place in my e-Portfolio.

I understand that I may use Digication privacy settings to establish the range of viewers who will have access to one or more of my e-Portfolios. I may also either use the "Hide" feature of the e-Portfolio, or I may choose not to publish certain information to retain privacy of some pages while making others public.

Click here to learn more about privacy settings: https://wd.is.depaul.edu/StaticPages/Digication/permission_settings_documentation.pdf

I understand that as a student or alum, in most circumstances, I will I retain access to Digication as long as DePaul supports it. As a faculty or staff member, if I leave the university, I will no longer have access to Digication unless I am also a student or alumnus. If I would like to retain access to my materials on Digication after that time, I need to download my e-Portfolio materials or transfer my materials to a personal Digication account prior to leaving. In all instances, however, DePaul reserves the right to remove a Digication account at any time, with or without notice.

Click here to learn more about transferring your e-Portfolios: http://teachingcommons.depaul.edu/Documents/download_transfer_eportfolio.pdf

Individuals viewing material in e-Portfolios created by DePaul University students and employees should be aware that the e-Portfolios contain the original work of these individuals. DePaul University has not approved or endorsed the views expressed by an individual's work.