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"The freedom that moves us, that makes us take risks, is being subjugated to a process of standardization of formulas and models in relation to which we are evaluated."

                                                    Paulo Freire, 1998, Pedagogy of Hope



DePaul's School for New Learning (SNL) provides a unique competence-based educational model for adult students. SNL's Teaching, Learning, & Assessment (TLA) committee oversees new course development, prior learning assessment policies and procedures, and continuous improvement of existing courses.



SNL  assessment practices embody four principles of clarity, integrity, flexibility, and empathy.


Clarity         communicating expectations, articulating criteria for the demonstration of  competence and how the quality of level of learning is measured; providing accessible feedback


Integrity      applying the criteria for demonstrating learning and indicators of quality; applying the expectations and standards of the college and the University in an honest and constructive manner; providing feedback that informs subsequent learning agenda


Flexibility    recognizing learning through multiple forms of evidence; using multiple forms of assessment appropriate to measure learning outcomes; drawing on alternate sources of expertise when appropriate


Empathy     providing feedback in sufficient detail to honor students’ efforts; communicating commentary in a constructive manner and tone; establishing a cooperative and trusting relationship between instructor and learner to promote assessment.


This website primarily includes resources to support SNL faculty and instructors in teaching to competence and best assessment practices. We also invite others to use this site to develop greater clarity on how SNL implements competence pedagogy, assessment procedures, and program assessment findings to support adult learners.


SNL TLA views this resource collaboratively,  welcoming feedback and contributions. If you have materials or ideas that you think would be interesting or helpful to other SNL faculty, staff, or students, please use the comment section on the bottom of each page or email snltla@depaul.edu.  


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.