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Dear Professor Iqbal,


Please find in this report details on Annie Schmittgens’s appointment at the Writing Center.  Students who visit the Writing Center may request that a brief, descriptive verification report be sent to a faculty member.  The Appointment Report section below details the work accomplished during the consultation.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



Sarah H.



Sarah H.



Final Reflective Essay


Appointment Type



Appointment Length

30 minutes



Annie came in to discuss her Final Portfolio Reflective Essay. She wanted to make sure she was describing the first-year writing learning outcomes explicitly and polish her essay before she submits it. Annie read through her essay aloud and then we talked about what was effective and places where she could expand for clarity or illustration. For example, we talked about how she could refer to the learning outcomes in the words on the handout and then bold them. I also suggest that she quote from her essays in the portfolio (or link to documents like outlines/peer review notes) to illustrate her claims. I suggested she also explore what outcome(s) she has not yet met but will continue to work toward. I explained that her readers, reading a whole lot of reflective essays, will really appreciate her use of narrative and specific, concrete details, and that she should take advantage of these details wherever possible.


Next Steps:

Annie intends to add a paragraph explaining what goals she still needs to work toward and add more explicit evidence from her portfolio to support her claims. She also intends to make sure she is specifically referencing first-year learning outcomes and will bold these to make them clearer for her reader.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.