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TITLE OF PAPER: Women Are From Venus, Men Are From Mars

How much time (about) did you spend planning this paper?  (Include reading, note-taking, invention, brainstorming, outlining, etc.)  Explain what you did.

I probably spent around an hour and half taking my observation, analyzing my observation, and then note-taking and brainstorming for this paper. After I analyzed my observation, I came up with my argument and started writing. Oddly enough, this time I need not write out an outline, but several people commented on my strong structure in my finished paper.


How much time did you spend drafting?                           Revising?

I probably spent around two hours draft, and like an hour revising.


What do you believe are the strengths of this paper?  On what levels does it work well?

I definitely think my citations make my paper very strong, and I think this paper has nice flow and strong structure.


What do you think are the weaknesses in the paper?  What might you do differently or change in this paper if you had more time?

I was initially afraid that I used too many stereotypes in my paper. The students who peer reviewed my paper did not think so, so I didn’t really have to change a whole lot.


What do you want a reader to think or understand after having read this paper? (This should be something he or she didn’t already know.)

There is a difference between how men and women communicate and express themselves


What kind of feedback would you like me to give on your paper?  If you ultimately decide to revise this for your portfolio, how can I help?

I am interested in using this for my portfolio, so very specific feedback would be most helpful


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.