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Liberal Arts Education


Description of Project:

Reading  “Practicing the Liberal Arts” by Corrine Lally Benedetto, “On the Outcome of a Liberal Education” by Morry Fiddler, and “Liberal Arts and Business: An International Perspective” by Miriam Ben-Yoseph each essay had valid points.

The essays were very interesting I think that with out Liberal Arts the world would be boring.  I think the arts is a form of expression that is unique to each individual.  Every can express themselves in a way that is creative to them.  For instance someone who enjoys writing may explore writing poetry, or someone may be shy but can express themselves through painting in a way they can't verbally.   


Goal of Project:

What can I learn from a Liberal Art education?  Well from reading the essay's it looks like the social skills to communicate with the rest of the world.  The know how to be succesful in any social context it may be.  Having a broad understading of culture, history, and literature.


Skill Gained:

  • Learn how to be empathetic; to see a different point of view.
  • Learn how to be flexible; to adjust to any situation.
  • Learn how to be creative; to solve any problem.

Lessons Learned/Learning for Life:

I am so grateful to be a student at SNL because my learning will not end when I receive my degree, it will continue throughout my life-time.   I can apply the learning style I've developed at SNL to other aspects of my life.  I anticipate that I will always be learning knew things so the better I understand how I learn the faster i will learn.


Impact of Project: 

These essays were very important to me for they offered a perspective view on the human side of the administrative (business or government) world on an international level.  In the future I would like to work abroad with many different people and cultural beliefs so it's important to respect and adapt to their environment.  I'm further motivated to develop my communication skills (oral, written and body language) to better communicate with the rest of the world.  I would like to learn other languages like Italian, French and Portuguese. 






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.