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Learning a New Career


Description of Experience:

My first job experience working at a major retail department store was surprisingly rewarding.  It was rewarding because I met and worked with many wonderful people. Also because of the location of the store, meg mile, I had an opportunity to meet a couple of celebrities like (Jennifer Hudson).  I had taken a year of work after my son was born and I wanted to gradually return to the work force.  So I decided to change career paths from customer service and take a shot at the retail world.  I remember feeling scared to death and excited at the same time as I interviewed for a position with a high-end cosmetic line.  I recognized the feeling as I always welcome the challenge, and I never let fear overcome my curious side. I had no experience doing make-up but I had plenty of people skills.  I felt a little intimidated because I knew nothing about applying make-up, cosmetics or skin care products. 


My training was intensive and covered all aspects of beauty enhancement; application of make-up, color matching skin tone.  There are different types of looks that make-up can achieve, a natural or dramatic look.  There is also make-up for photo sessions or TV.  During skin care evaluation, products are recommended to treat skins concerns.  Everyone has different skin types, for instance; dry, oily or combination skin.   Analyzing the stages of aging, fine or deep wrinkles, and sun spots will determine which product will address what concern. 


I was a vigilant observer since I myself didn’t wear an abundant amount of make-up.  Once I was trained in the art of make-up application, skin care analysis and product knowledge, I felt ready and confident of my abilities and that helped me overcome my fear as a new comer in this field.  I paid close attention to my co-workers and experts as they consulted and interacted with the customers.  I became comfortable and my confidence grew every day as I gained experience with every customer I came into contact with.


Below are some make-up examples.


  50's look                        Smokey-eye look


Goal of Experience:

My role as an employee of the department store was to sell.  It was a numbers game.  I had to meet daily, weekly and monthly sales goals.  This part of the game I didn’t like, it was very competitive and stressful amongst my fellow co-workers.  I was a hard worker and did my best to meet or supersede my goals by staying focused and professional.

My personal goal was to gain as much information as possible about all the cosmetics not only the line I was working for but the competitors as well.  I was friendly with my competition.  They offered information on their products so I could compare my line with theirs.


Skill Gained:

  • I became a fast learner by having hands-on experience with make-up application and demonstration. It was important to be a good listener, when it came to meeting the customer's needs and wants. 
  • Selling products that best suit the customer was imperative to future sales and focusing on one specific feature helped me on building up my sales. 
  • Keeping a good rapport with customers was key in building a clientele database, which was necessary for future sales, promotions and special events.  
  • Having a diverse clientele base helped me to familiarize myself with all skin types and facial features. 
  • I learned to diagnose and recommend skin care products.
  • The more people I worked on, helped me enhanced my skills as a make-up artist, learning the technical, artistic and practical knowledge about how to apply make-up. 
  • Over time I became more creative and I felt as if I was painting and the woman's faces were my blank canvas.  The end result was a beautiful living artwork.  

Lessons Learned/Learning for Life:

My experience working well with others and being a fast learner will shape my approach to my future learning.  Over the years I’ve obtained a, “just do it” and a “learn as I go”, kind of attitude.  That attitude built the foundation for my work ethic and learning style.   I enjoy the active participation experience, I'm not afraid to make mistakes and laugh at myself.  


Being a hands-on learner has also allowed me to wear many hats,” a jack of all trades and master of none”.   I’ve managed to work in a wide variety of fields like hospitality, customer service in reprographics, retail and education.   I look forward to learning new things and having new experiences.  I know SNL will provide all of that and more.  I am willing to work extra hard and go the extra mile to reach my goals.  


Impact of Experience:

The most rewarding part of this experience was the satisfaction I got from helping women feel and look beautiful.  After a year of working there I gained confidence and felt that I could do any job or learn anything as long as I had a good mentor and took classes.  The pattern in which I learned and the qualities I’ve acquired from this job like being a good listener, creative, reliable, punctual and able to relate to people will help me with my future learning.  Having these qualities will enable me to work great in small groups, work with diverse students and staff.  Being creative helps with problems solving tasks and being a reliable student will help me gain peoples trust.     

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.