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Dewitt, Kelly., MSW. Interview, January 21,2012 


The young lady I interviewed is my co-worker she is the Family Support Specialist at the preschool center.  I’ve always been interested in the type of work that she does.  Kelly took time out of her busy schedule to sit with me and answer a couple of my questions.  A typical day for her is to schedule visits with parents about developing goals, conducting developmental screenings and offering support to the staff in the classroom.  She also plans parent workshops or meetings on developmental topics of children in the 0-3 age range.  She also spends time searching for topics of interest for parents.


I learned that I need to do some research as to what area of social work I would be interested in since the Social Work field is very broad.   She suggested that I volunteer or work in the field while going to school.  So that I have the opportunity to meet others in the field as well as get a feel of what the work is like.  An important point she made was to attend workshops to get familiarized with the policies and practice of the social work field. 


She gave me a list of professional organizations in the field of social work. National Association of Social Workers, the Clinical Social Work Association, School Social Work Association of America, NASW and Illinois Association of School Social Workers.


I believe Kelly is a credible source for she has her master degree in Social Work and is very passionate about her career. 


Loyola University. Retrieved February 4, 2012 from Graduate School of Social Work web site:



The web site was very easy to navigate it offered information on all the graduate programs.  For MSW all requirements were listed, application deadlines, FQA's, financial information and much more.  It was very helpful searching through their web site.  The school also offered an online or open house information session on their SW School.  I signed up for the open house for April 21, 2012 I'm looking forward to the event.


The University of Chicago. Retrieved February 4, 2012 from the Graduate School of Social Service Administration web site:



The University of Chicago is a very reputable school for Social Service.  The web site offered some insightful information on the history of the school, the alumni, staff, student life and the different masters programs they offered.  The web site was user friendly and was very informative.  


National Association of Social Workers. Jeane W. Anastas, PhD, LMSW., Retrieved February 11, 2012



This web site has many resources for social workers.  Jeane Anastas is the President of the Board of Directors at NASW she is a long time member.  The NASW web site works to enhance the growth and development of its members.  I enjoyed navigating the page and gathering additional information, the web site is very well organized.  This web site lists many resources like publications, network links, practice & professional development, advocacy, jobs listings and NASW membership.  I think this is an excellent credible source for assisting me in the research of social work.  NASW is the largest membership organization of social workers in the world.  It offers so much information that if you are not careful you might miss and important detail.   


Leonard, Josheph. Phone Interview February 18, 2012


Mr. Leonard is a math & science teacher at an elementary Chicago Public School.  I called Mr. Leonard to get some guidance from him since he already took the path into graduate school.  I felt he could give me some ground advise.  He stressed the importance of researching the programs that each school has to offer and to make sure they are accredited.  Talking to the admissions office at each school to find out what classes will transfer into the program so I don't take unnecessary classes during my undergrad.  I feel Mr. Leonard is willing to help me and answer any additional questions I may have in the future.



Sarah's Inn Freedom from Domestic Violence. Retrieved  February 18, 2012



The web site is for woman who are facing domestic violence in their life and are looking for resources.  Sarah's Inn offers advocay, intervention, prevention, education and outreach programs.  There are also volunteer opportunities helping out in the crisis hotline, admistrative assistants, program assistants, and child care worker.  The web site is very helpful to show all the services the organization has to offer.   There is 24hr crisis hotline to assist women. 


Organizations like Sarah's Inn are needed in communities where at risk families can benefit from all the resources they have to offer.  The fight against domestic violence is through advocacy and education.  Sarah's Inn has been serving Chicago land communites for over 30 years. 


Council on Social Work Education. Retrieved February 25, 2012  



This web site is very important to anyone who is in the field of social work or is looking to work in that field.  CSWE is a nonprofit national association it was founded in 1952.  The web site is easy to navigate.  Social workers or students may network via events, meetings, and discussion forums.   You can find topics on funding, policy, field education and much more. 

I wanted to know what schools offered programs that were accredited and finding this information was very important in routing my education plan.

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