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Kimberly M. Harmon

Community Psychology

N. Bothne

Fall 2013





                                        Interview Guide for Project SYNCERE





            A. Project SYNCERE

            B.  Leadership

                  1. Jason Coleman, Co-Founder/Executive Director

                  2. Seun Phillips, Co-Founder/Director of Programs

            C.   Focus Communities

                  1. Minority, female, and underserved students

                  2. Chicago and Atlanta school districts

                  3. Illinois universities



            A. Mission

                   1. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum

                   2. Increase number of minority, female, underserved students                                    pursuing 

                         STEM careers

                           a. Make science and math fun and rewarding for community                                        members

                           b. Served more than 4,000 students served nationally

            B. STEM integration through project-based learning

                   1. Provide in-school, afterschool, Saturday, and summer programming

                       a.Emerging Engineers Program (PSEEP), year round,Saturday                                     curriculum                            

                           1. In-depth, portfolio projects

                           2. Robotics, 3-D design, renewable energy, electrical circuit                                          design, etc.

                        b. Workshops

                            1. Teacher professional training, Parent-child STEM, Parent                                          technology



             A. In what ways do you encourage students to think in broadly about                        STEM   

                  career/life goals that expand beyond corporate America and benefit or                   engage community?

             B. How might you encourage students and adults to approach STEM from                  a holistic perspective (Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically)?

             C. Have you engaged local Elders from the geographical community of                        North Kenwood?

             D. Who are/were your role models and how did they impact your life’s                        path?

             E. How do you engage with the community members beyond your official                    role at Project SYNCERE?

             F. What are some intervention methods you have used to help encourage                  and engage community members to embrace STEM?

             G. What are some of the local social issues that impact the effectiveness                    of your organization? Political issues? Funding issues? Violence issues?

             H.  How do you see STEM connecting with the Arts?

             I.  Who are some of the community leaders with whom your organization                   has worked?

             J. What community connections have you made with the Center for Inner                  City Studies?

            K. What has been the history of your surrounding community, and what is 

                 your current experience within this community?

            L. How do you encourage girls to fearlessly embrace STEM curriculum?

            M. What local organizations offer services to the community, which                              complement services you provide?

            N. How do you find empowerment through STEM and the work that you do

                 with Project SYNCERE? How do you encourage community members to

                 find empowerment through STEM and Project SYNCERE?

           O. What are some outreach strategies you utilize to expand the Project                     SYNCERE community?

           P. Why are you passionate about STEM? Who was the support base in                       your youth; who encouraged that passion?

           Q. What research would you be interested in having my fellow students                     and I  conduct on behalf of Project SYNCERE?



           A. Email introduction and email/phone follow up

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.