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Put Convenience Aside:
Print Inspires 


Reading in America has significantly diminished.  The format in which it is presented holds little merit for those who don’t read.  Thus the question, which is better: “reading the New York Times in print or digital,” has little substance when appealing to an audience that does not read. Television, the internet, and social networking have been the down falls of reading. Social Networking has been one of the most significant factors in the decline of print reading.  For those individuals that spend copious amounts of time on their computers or mobile devices, reading digitally is easier and more convenient.  However, understanding and comprehension do not always lend themselves to convenience.


Thus, I put convenience aside and read the print edition of the NYT.  I find it to be significantly more beneficial and enjoyable than reading the on-line version. The print edition is much easier on the eyes, it allows for the reader to flip quickly through the sections and pick articles that interest them, and is a substantial thing the reader can hold and touch. Holding the newspaper allows the reader to have a better connection with the articles they are reading.


I find the online version of the NYT to be uninspiring.  I spend plenty of time staring at a
computer screen; I don’t need to catch up on world news, social gossip, political forum, and sports statistics on-line. There have been studies that prove that when you read on-line articles you merely skim them, and do not full read and analyze the details of the article.

This diminishes the work done by the writers and columnists.  If their work is not being read in its entirety, why should they write the whole article? Writers could just create a graph with a main idea or argument and add a few sub bubbles with concepts, facts, and quotes.  Right now this is not an obscure idea.  Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram have all dominated the scene for the past few years, and are one of the leading causes for the decreasing interest in the newspaper.  Teens and young adults can find statuses, links, memes, and videos on these sites telling them “what’s going on in the world,” so where does that leave the need for newspapers?

While it is clear that there is no true answer as to which format for reading the NYT is better, I have collected and presented reasons why I think the print edition is favorable.  It is truly difficult to pick between new age technology and and good old fashion print, when it comes to reading the New York Times.  



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.