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It's Called Digital in this Perfect World


There are countless great aspects about reading the New York Times in either manner, on the internet or with it in your hand. It is more accessible on the internet. In present day, citizens reading the New York Times will read the paper regardless of whether it is in their hands, or digitally.

This day in age, we are moving around, trying to get places. To contrast these pros for reading the Times on the internet, we need to take a look at the pros for reading it with it in our hands. There is something to say that, we may remember the text more. Personally, I believe it should be read in our hands while taking time out of our day to sit down and relax. But, as I said earlier, we do not have that kind of time. In my past times, I’ve had the New York Times in my hand and on the internet at the same time. I chose to read it on the internet. However, I love the relationship with the paper in my hands and my mind.

There are many reasons why I love to read the New York Times on the internet and how digital is better than print. The digital version is more accessible than a print version. When I want to read about “history of tennis”, I can search for “history of tennis”. As a result, I can find many articles in that day’s paper about “history of tennis”. In this way it is much easier than trying to flip through pages in order to find an article about your desired subject. While on the subject about how digital is easier that print, it is a pain to finish the article on the back pages of that section. When I’m reading an article on the front page, I have to finish by flipping to the back of the paper because it simply says, “see page 17”. It is quite the opposite on the internet. Readers just have to click to the next page at the bottom, or it fits the page. There are many different opinions and facts proven scientifically but, I’ve noticed that it is much easier, and faster to read it on the internet. A digital article is more marketable to a businessman as well. He can read the article with a clearer picture next to the article.

As we have used the New York Times in class to discuss many interesting articles, every member from the class brings the print version. My question is: why? As a class, we never open up our papers to review the same article at the same time. One time, I tried, but by the time I arrived to the article, we were already finished reviewing it. As I said before, it takes more time to flip through pages to search for an article then to just search for it in the search box, so as a result, it was a waste of time.

The New York Times is, once one starts, an addictive read. Nonetheless, it does not matter where people are, or what time of the day it is, New York Times readers will read their paper how they choose to. I hope people read the newspaper as they wish. There is no right answer as to what is better, print or digital. But, in my opinion, print is an improved manner of reading the newspaper for these basic reasons.

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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.