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NYT in Print

The big debate is always brought up about the continuous battle of print versus digital format for reading material. The preferred type of format, for me, is the printed version of text. As the younger generation is becoming more and more technologically dependent, ideas arise such as if everything should be converted to digital and to have people read text off of a screen, mainly students. The problem is being faced as we speak. In class, the New York Times is our main source of reading material and it is what all of our writings are based on. There are multiple reasons why students should read it in print as opposed to digital. Each version clearly has distinct differences between the two. Not only are the physical features different, the mental mindset of reading each is dissimilar as well. Using a printed edition of the paper is much more beneficial than reading off of a screen of some sort.


Reading from an actual paper text makes retaining information and remembering articles much better because being able to physically hold something you are trying to remember, truly allows you to focus on the subject. Looking at the actual pictures of the stories creates a more vivid presentation

of the articles. Reading on a screen creates more of a struggle for people whodo not find it common. For me, I know that I cannot stare at a screen too long without going cross eyed or squinting to better see the letters.

Especially after a long period of reading digitally, I just cannot bare to see anymore and need a rest for my eyes.  The screen on of a device can lead to a strain in the eyes, making a person less attentive when reading.  I just get all loopy.  Also, it is harder to annotate sentences and words online than on the paper.  You can highlight and write on the side if you want something  to refer back to or information you want to look up.



Some may say that digital is more eco-friendly due to the non-paper use.  

Maybe using digital can be even more accessible to carry around than bringinga whole paper from place to place.  Adjusting the font is now an option for the readers who cannot read as well.  Having a digital format will cost less than actually paying to print a ton of copies to distribute to subscribers. There is just something about holding paper that actually causes pure engagement in reading instead of digital.

The New York Times is a treasure and is better held than just viewed. Reading it in its physical form creates a better understanding of the stories inside as opposed to the online version. Holding the actual paper allows you to focus  better on what is being read. Reading online can, at times, turn into just skimming the articles more commonly than taking the time to read the full article. Computer screens put a strain on the eye very easy and make it difficult to concentrate on it let alone read 200 or more words. Being able to actually hold the paper allows someone to be able to quickly refer to an article being discussed as we have done multiple times in class. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.