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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

SoundCloud Mix In Chronological Order


Paul Krugman's opinion on Thomas Friedman
Thomas Friedman- Average is Official Over
J.Cole- Miss America
J.Cole ft 50 Cent- The New York Times
Jay-Z ft. Beyonce- Empire State of Mind
Thomas Friedman- The Formula for U.S. Success
Paul Krugman opinion on the New York Times Op-Ed Section


My favorite project was the Technology and Literacy Project. It was different from the past assignments because it had to be multimodal. Some examples were videos and works of art that somehow could be interpreted as making a statement or argument about technology and literacy. Knowing that I am DJ and have a passion for music production and performance, Mr. Moore gave me the idea of adding a soundtrack to the New York Times. I found the idea fascinating and was excited to get to work.


I choose a few articles and added a song that the reader would listen to while reading the article. My intended affect was to set a tone for the reader through the music and see if the read the article differently, more intuitively, and possibly have a more enjoyable experience. I also created a sort of Hip-Hop mash-up with songs that were about New York and The New York Times as well with voice samples of NYT columnist Thomas Friedman.


When Mr. Moore played it for the class and asked them what they thought it was there was variety of different responses. One student thought it was an activism piece, another thought it could be an advertisement for the NYT, and last one student thought that the constant switch from music to voice was unorganized and “messy” to show how America is a mess. I was nonetheless surprised with the responses. I truly don’t know what my intention was other then just integrating Thomas Friedman with some hip-hop and making something unique and thought provoking. I felt accomplished seeing my classmates critically think about my project and all come up with different meanings specific to themselves. It was a refreshing change to see people try to rhetorically analyze audio instead of text in a book or article. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.