DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Painting the New York Times


My goal for this project was to recreate sections of the New York Times using mostly pictures. Originally, I wanted to paint images over articles in each section where each painting would symbolize or represent a certain aspect of the section. When I was looking through the New York Times, I noticed all the images they used and how sometimes they portrayed their accompanying article and at other times how they could evoke completely different ideas. This led me to the idea I stuck with because I wanted to explore which images stuck out and spoke to me and how my audience would also receive them.


To create this project I used mainly the New York Times, for its images and as a base material. I also used paint, glue, and tape. 


Once I decided which idea I was going to stick with I started looking through my newspapers from the past couple weeks. I started by deciding which sections I would recreate and separating them from the rest of the newspaper. The original sections I was going to use were the main section, Sunday Review, Style, Arts and Leisure, and the Deaths and Vows.


It took me a couple days to go through all my newspapers, but once I had all the images I needed I started pasting them on another section of the newspaper that I did not use because I wanted it to have the same feel as a regular New York Times.


After a couple pages I ran into a problem, my glue stick ran out. So then I had to use tape to continue putting the rest of my images on. I also cut a little bit from the top and bottom of the pages because it had information that I would not have been able to cover up. I omitted the deaths and vows because I did not think they would fit properly.


Once I finished putting all the images in I started deciding on what colors I wanted to use. I chose red for the main pages because the information is often about deaths, attacks, and other unpleasant topics. I then decided on black for the style section because black is always in, it is a color that works for everyone.


The Arts and Leisure section is white becasue it reminded me of a museum where all the walls are white.


The Sunday Review section is the color I chose last because I wasn't sure which color to choose. I decided on blue because I think it is a section that can evoke emotion and I think the color blue can be associated with emotion.


After I painted each section and they dried I put them together and folded them to make sure they still folded like a New York Times. The paint, however, gave the paper a different feel and the images gave it a heavier feel


I want this project to be experienced wherever the audience feels comfortable viewing it. They could be in their home, a coffee shop, class, an office, anywhere they like to read the newspaper. However, for it to be effective I think it requires a little more focus than just reading because it requires you to think about the image and color selection.


I interacted with Ashlin, Avi, Natalie Tomlin, the whole class, Michael Moore, and Mariana Quinn in regards to this project. When we all shared our ideas out loud during class was my first interaction with others and this project. I was then in a group with Avi and Ashlin to go over our progress and Ms. Tomlin stopped by our group, so I explained my idea to her as well. Then I had the one-on-one with professor Moore. And lastly, my roommate Mariana saw me go through the process, provided me with the paint and went to get me food while I worked on my project. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.