DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Please note that because I am asking you for personal information and reflection, you may, if you prefer, email your reflective self-assessment directly to me rather than post it to Digication. 


New York Times [2 paragraphs]: how's it going reading the NYT? Are you making it part of your Sunday habit? Are you following during the week, with my email links or via or social media, or some other strategy? Are you finding articles that relate to you, to your career aspirations, to your community? 


Provide a specific example of an article that challenged you, or caused you to rethink an assumption, or that made you aware of an issue. Provide an embedded link, like this: Leslie Jameson's "Mark My Words. Maybe." 


How would you characterize your intellectual contributions to the life of our class? [2 paragraphs] Provide specific examples.


What's going well for you in our class -- something you're happy with and count as an accomplishment. Be specific [1 paragraph] 


What's not going so well for you in our class - -something you perceive as an ongoing challenge that you'd like to change? [1 paragraph] 


Feel free to share any other observations, comments, or reflections.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.