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It all started when my dad let me have his old camcorder. I would make little movies starring my friends, younger brother, and even my stuffed animals. I started tampering around with stop-motion when I was around 11. It was also around that time that I got a tape recorder and started making my own mock radio show (complete with original songs and interviews).



 Then, borrowing my dad's new digital camcorder, I started writing my own short films and playing around with a basic video editor. I was hooked. Not only could I get enough of watching movies but I couldn't stop thinking about how to make my own. Making my mark in middle school as the girl who will make elaborate films instead of projects this carried on through high school where I kept attempting to submit my short films to the talent show. Sadly, there is no market for student films in rural Burlington, Illinois. 



Never feeling confident that there was a way for me to make movies professionally, I attended community college with plans of being an elementary school teacher. Then I found DePaul University and discovered their Communications and Media Cinema Studies program. Not only was it based in learning about media but it was in Chicago. A very big step forward from my small town.




At DePaul I was given all the opportunities to make films using professional-grade equipment as well as trying out being a radio personality at Radio DePaul. I found myself in an indie band, Eve's Twin Lover, where I was able to explore my love for music further. 











I live and breath movies. It has always been my dream to be a part of this industry and make a name for myself while still maintaining my integrity and remaining true to myself as a growing artist.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.