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    Among many other attributes,

....an anthropological life is rooted in




                          & action.

Being an anthropologist entails that these components are incorporated into your fieldwork as well as into your daily encounters. Anyone can be an observer but an anthropologist is an observer who sees a person in a snapshot of their own history in the context of a multi-faceted global background.

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My life took a sharp turn after I came across this photo when I was seventeen years old. If you look closely at this photograph you can see the deep emotions of joy and relief in the people's faces.

Photographer Philip Blenkinsop was able to sneak past Thai soldiers into a jungle where he found this group of Hmong people. After having been abandoned in 1975 by the United States, the Hmong believed that they were in the presence of their former allies and got on their knees and praised the sky for the long awaited return of the American soldiers. Little did they know that Philip was no soldier and was not there to rescue them at that moment.

I knew then that I wanted to study the Hmong culture and everything about them. After I interviewed multiple Hmong scholars who had backgrounds in Anthropology, I knew that was what I wanted to study.

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