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Dear Reader, 


On behalf of the Collaborative for Multilingual Writing and Research (CMWR), I'd like to welcome you to the sixth annual edition of Global Voices, a celebration of the work of DePaul’s multilingual writing community published by the CMWR.  


We believe that the unique linguistic and cultural diversity enriches within the DePaul community. The backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and knowledge all help to inform DePaul's identity. And the CMWR aims to create a place for the exchange of language, culture, and diversity to help further that identity. It is our hope that our events, programming, and this publication will foster cross-cultural communication and promote sharing of language, culture, and knowledge. Global Voices emphasizes the unique and diverse backgrounds that come together to create the DePaul community.  


As editors for Global Voices, the CMWR team continues to be surprised and delighted by the material we are privileged to review and include.  This spring we are excited to share with our readers a diverse range of genres and voices, such as one individual's reflection on going from college to teaching English abroad, an essay on the traditional Colombia dance, the Cumbia, to a collection of oral narratives detailing different experiences with education and immigration 


We hope you enjoy this issue of Global Voices.  Look for subsequent issues each spring. 




Mark Lazio


Collaborative for Multilingual Writing and Research



The CMWR is a branch of the University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL), and this publication marks the end of our sixth year of operations.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.