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I entered the Digication pilot with only moderate technology skills, while knowing that most of my students had been suckled on the internet and weaned onto Facebook, Twitter, iPods, Androids, etc. The first comforting element that I discovered was that the Digication platform is new user-friendly and systematically structured.


Prior to using Digication in my classes, I  created and deleted a few practice e-portfolios until I was accustomed to the process. I also went in 20 minutes early on the first day I was to introduce the platform to my class and did a run-through of creating a practice portfolio from the podium using the overhead projector as I would be doing with the class. I felt comfortable and familiar with creating Digication e-portfolios when it was time for me to teach my students how to create them.


My structure for introducing Digication is as follows:

  • During the first class, inform students that they will be creating Digication e-portfolios that quarter and show them a sample e-portfolio on the overhead.
  • Convene class in a computer lab in week three. Have the students create a practice portfolio which incorporates a brief descriptive introduction of themselves. Before class ends verify that each student has created a portfolio.
  • Require the students to submit their midterm reflective essays through their Digication portfolios.
  • Week seven teach the students how to include images and embed video clips in their portfolios. This can be done in either the computer lab or the classroom.
  • Convene class in a computer lab on final exam day. As each student submits his/her e-portfolio, verify that you can open it and save it to your USB Flash Drive.

Of course it's likely that a few glitches will occur as you use the platform. However, I found that friendly help was readily available whenever it was needed.


-- Joyce

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.