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The Bronzeville community is located on the southside of Chicago. Boardering Lake Shore Drive to the right and the Dan Ryan Expressway to the left, Bronzeville is enclosed by Cermak Rd and 60th St. Bronzeville is most commonly associated with Illinois Institute of Techniology, University of Chicago, U.S. Cellular Field, the official stadium of the Chicago White Sox, and Hyde Park home of President Barack Obama. 

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The common assumption of Bronzeville and for the most part, the general southside of Chicago, is a negative association with crime, violence, minorites, low-income housing, food deserts, poor funded Chicago Public Schools, and illegal happenings.

Although the City of Chicago has attempted to expand the boundaries of what are considered to be common places of tourism to include residential neighborhoods, the authencity of the noted places to visit is lacking.

In attempts to showcase authenticly important places, also known as assets, of the Bronzeville community here is a map of assets deemed valuable from residential insight. These assets include historical landmarks, musuems, public institutions, and local businesses.

Take a visual Bronzeville community walking tour to virtually visit key locations listed on the asset map.

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