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Breanna Magnuson

LSP 321


Article Reflection


            I thought this article reflected many of the problem first year students face coming into college for the first time. One that I connected to the most was number eight, which talked about the lack of involvement for freshman living on campus. In my Common Hour curriculum, I shared my friend’s story about her involvement on campus at her university. The moral of the story is that what you do and involve yourself with on campus can make or break your college career. Becoming involved helps you meet new people and create new friend groups that you may not have made by just being a part of your university. Another point mentioned in the article that stood out to me was number six, which dealt with gratifications issues. Last year in 320, I remember talking about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. One thing that students aren’t necessarily taught in the transition to college is the fact that teacher’s don’t reward students for high marks on assignments. Some students may rely on this as their motivation to continue to do well in school academically and mentally. Teaching this and relaying this information to first year students may be difficult, especially if a student does not know how to cope with this new information. I think the article expressed a lot of the concerns students have very well. The last line of that section mentioned that help from teachers and parents will encourage the student to finish assignments and do things for themselves, not just for the gratification from others.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.