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I reflect on past obstacles to help myself and others grow

During high school, I struggled with self esteem issues and dependency. I found myself digging further and further into the dark hole where I couldn't be helped. Coming to college, I assumed my problems would get better, but no help came. After a bad breakup, I had a realization that I couldn't live like this anymore. I started to read articles online and reach out to a friend who went through the same events I did to ask for her guidance. She recommended a book called Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein. Little did I know how much I would change who I was after reading that book. I learned that I am my own source of happiness and that I should not be dependent on others to find peace and live a happy life. I control my life, my destiny, and who I am. Beginning winter quarter of my freshman year, I began to see the light at the top of the hole. Outside of healing myself, I found myself wanting to help others with their struggles.



By utilizing the tools and thoughts that helped me grow and heal in the past, I was able to spread my word and experiences to others who were hurting. I felt that it helped me grow and flourish even more, and by empathizing with others, I in turn was healing myself. I felt empowered and beautiful and amazed at what i was doing for others. Hearing them thank me and tell me how my words helped them find the way out of their hole made me realize that I was truly becoming a better person and was overcoming the obstacles in my life.


As a Chicago Quarter Mentor, one of my students approached me and asked me about the Honors Program, since I had mentioned that I was a part of the program on campus. She expressed her interest, but told me she was afraid of being the "stupid" kid in the honors classes. She had taken honors and AP courses in high school but was worried about the difference from high school to college and didn't want to be embarrassed if everyone was excelling while she was falling behind. I pulled her aside and started telling her about my same worries when entering the honors program. I was in the same boat as her, where honors and AP courses in high school were a breeze, but that I felt nervous about college courses. I explained that you're only as good as what you put into it. You should never doubt yourself because you have no idea what you can achieve, and what you have the power to do can amaze you. She told me how I was able to take away the nerves and anxiety of enrolling in the Honors Program at DePaul and thanked me for helping her figure out the track she wanted to go on in college. We still keep in touch if she has questions concerning the new program and I recommend professors to her that really helped me learn and excel.


When thinking about future plans I have, I want to continue to spread the notion that you are the creator of your own happiness. You control you life; not your parents, friends, relatives, or bosses. Life is about experiences, successes, and mistakes. We make mistakes to learn, and without my past mistakes and obstacles, I would not be where I am now. By reflecting on the past problems and walls I needed to overcome, I have been able to not only help myself grow and blossom, but I help others realize their full potential.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.