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Below is my assessment of the essential skills of a successful Chicago Quater Mentor and how I rank myself accordingly.


Ability to set goals and expectations: 7


I feel that I am able to construct goals and create expectations that are reachable while also challenging.


Ability to lead an active discussion: 6

I think that I have the skills to lead a discussion, but I would like to improve the ways of keeping students interested in the topic and improve the means of student involvement in such discussions.

Organization, time management, preparedness: 7

I believe that I have very good time management skills and that I am always prepared. I would like to change my organization skills in order to create class topics and discussions that flow much easier.

Presence, confidence, engagement, passion: 8

I feel that I bring a confident and engaging personality to each class. I am passionate about what I want to teach to my audience. I would like to work on creating a stronger presence.

Responsibility, dedication: 8

I think that as a leader, I am very responsible when it comes to my work and duties. I view myself as a dedicated leader, but I would like to work on improving how I show my dedication to the specific topic.

Ability to leave comfort zone and be vulnerable: 6

I see myself as someone who is able to leave their comfort zone, but not as easily as others. I want to work on becoming more open and my ability to be vulerable to my audience.

Balance work and play: 9

I believe that I am more than able to balance work and play. I have a clear view on how to keep everyone moving on track to complete their goals, while offering incentives along to way to keep morale high.

Patience: 6

I feel that my patience skills are honorable, but could easily be improved. I would like to work on becoming more relaxed when teaching and familiar with a slower-paced learning style.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.