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In this 321 course, I would like to continue my goals previously set in 320, as well as a few others.


Continuing off my LSP 320 Goals:


  1. I have found that I am less stubborn when it comes to having a hard time with work. When I was preparing the syllabus for each common hour, I wanted to accessorize it with something of my own. Coming up with a unique idea was harder than I thought it was going to be, but I was able to relax and realize that a good idea would come to me naturally. I am much better with time management skills because of this.
  2. When confronting problems, I am more confident in my abilities to handle the situation. In my CQM class, I had a student that wouldn't participate and always ask why we were doing a specific activity and when we could leave. I talked to my staff professional about the situation and got some advice from him on how to handle the problem. I confronted the student and told her that her attitude may be affecting more students than just herself. I also mentioned that I was grading the entire class on participation and would hate to see her lose points on something so easy. She responded well to what I said and began to participate more in class. Overall, I believe I have significantly improved my ability to confront problems and take charge.
  3. As a student, I have learned to accept failure more. I know to take complete responsibility for my actions. If I don't study enough for a test and get a bad grade, I learn to deal with it because I know I would have done better with more preparation and practice.  As much as I would love to get everything done without obstacles in the way, life ain't easy. I've learned to cope with roadblocks and learn how to overcome them.

 Moving on to my other LSP 321 goals:


  1. I want to maintain relationships with a couple, if not more, of my CQM students. I want to remain a mentor and peer to them, someone they feel comfortable talking to and someone they want to seek help from.
  2. I hope to further pursue a role in leadership and have students identify me as a leader on campus to them and possibly to other students.
  3. I hope to find more of my strengths from this role that may help me further my education and career plans.
  4.  As someone who wants to become an Account Manager for an advertising firm, being able to effectively communicate and mediate between two parties is an essential skill I would like to continue to build on.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.