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​"When you think you're done, you've only just begun." - Lucy Calkins

Instructional Goals

  • Provide authentic experiences for my students
  • Continue to differentiate instruction in all subjects
  • Incorporate more technology in my lessons
  • Promote intrinsic motivation
  • Integrate subjects frequently
  • Create a community including families
  • Model respectful and appropriate behaviors
  • Extend learning beyond the classroom
  • Engage in practicing personal responsibility
  • Use data to analyze student progress

Professional Goals

  • Secure a teaching position in which meets my needs and the needs of the school population
  • Become an active part of a school and community
  • Actively collaborate with administration, colleagues, and parents
      • Continue participation in professional associations
  • Further my education with Math and ESL endorsements
  • Maintain learning for a lifetime 
  • Reflect on my teaching methods continuously
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.