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Welcome to the DePaul University 

4th Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit

Friday, November 1, 2013

9:30am-3:30pm Cortelyou Commons


DePaul students, staff, and faculty from peer tutoring, advising, counseling, and mentoring programs are invited to the fourth annual DePaul Peer Tutor and Mentor Summit! On these pages you will find information about the day and directions for attending as well as proposing and leading a Round Robin. We hope you and your colleagues will attend for at least part or – hopefully – for all of the Summit.



Summit 2013 Theme:    “#dpuTransformers: More than Meets the Eye


In many ways, tutoring and mentoring are transformative for all parties involved: those who are mentored, those who mentor, and those who mentor the mentors. Probably most of us expect to experience some kind of change when we begin a new job or a new program of study, but the changes we experience still can be unexpected. Often as mentors and tutors, we must navigate the line between being a peer student and a mentoring/tutoring resource who fellow students look to for guidance. Whether obvious or subtle, these transformations are profoundly important. As tutors and mentors we have been a part of students’ transformations at DePaul, and in turn they have been a part of ours. We also have seen how an unexpected turn of events can lead to remarkable (and often unexpected) possibilities, as it did for St. Vincent de Paul. 


Reflecting on the events that brought each of our programs to where we are and have shaped where we are going, the 2013-14 Peer Tutor and Mentor Summit will focus on the transformations we experience and/or witness across each of our programs as peer tutors, mentors, advisors, counselors, staff, and faculty members. We invite participants to share their experiences, to explore the theories that have created (or complicated) their transformations, and to brainstorm ways that all of us might leverage our program's distinct strengths in order to build our networks at DePaul and even transform the ways that we work together.



About the Day – and the Round Robins 


The Summit will give us a chance to explore these and other concerns, particularly in our Round Robin Sessions, which are short, 20-minute, interactive workshops or discussion sessions lead by Peer Tutors, Mentors, and/or their Supervisors. Round Robins are terrific professional development opportunities for tutors and mentors – fun, enriching, and do-able! Everyone is encouraged to submit a Round Robin proposal – and this year we are reserving one Round Robin slot particularly for Supervisors and one to two Round Robin slots for collaborative, inter-department sessions. See details below.


The day’s activities will include:


  • Breakfast:  Available at check-in time through the morning sessions.
  • Program Bingo – Not Your Usual Information Session:  A thoroughly engaging, interactive way to share information about your program or office.
  • Keynote Address:  Sam Toninatio, DePaul Alum, RA, and UCWbLer.
  • Lunch and Conversation Café:  An informal, semi-structured networking discussion.
  • Morning and Afternoon Round Robin Sessions: Short, 20-minute interactive workshops or discussions on topics related to the Summit’s theme. Round Robin leaders will repeat their sessions a set number of times as groups of attendees move from table to table. 
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 Our Keynote Speaker

​DePaul Alum, R.A., and UCWbLer

Sam Toninato

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How to RSVP & How to Propose a Round Robin


  • RSVP: Provide a list of attendees and/or encourage individuals to RSVP on their own (we especially hope your student staff members can come). RSVPs – needed for food orders – by Friday, October 25, 2013.

To RSVP, click here.  



  • Round Robin Session Proposal(s): We have now received all Round Robin proposals for this year's Summit and have notified all presenters.  This year, you will be able to participate in up to 8 of 13 Round Robins lead by your fellow tutors, mentors, and/or coordinators. 


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The 2013 Peer Tutor & Mentor Summit is Hosted by:


2012 partners: University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL), Athletic Academic Advising, Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS), and Student Support Services/TRiO . . .


Joined for 2013 by: Office of Student Employment, Quantitative Reasoning Center (QRC), Residential Education, Office of Multicultural Student Success (OMSS), and the University Libraries.

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  • Round Robin Session Proposal(s): To propose a Round Robin Session connected to the conference theme, complete the proposal form, which asks for a title, leaders’ names and contact info, and short (1-paragraph) description. Round Robin sessions will be 20 minutes. There will be up to 9 Round Robin slots. Offices may submit multiple proposals, but we may not be able to accept all proposals. Please let us know if you need any help developing a Round Robin topic within the theme or recruiting a partner office or program.  

To propose a Round Robin Presentation, click here. 



Round Robin Proposal deadline is Friday, October 25, 2013. We will notify you about the sessions determined as soon as possible during the week of the Summit.

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